Friday, April 8, 2011

Lasater Burger at The Med!

Joe and I celebrated Melanie V. and Maria R.'s birthdays at The Med yesterday. Tony Hessel, executive chef at The Med, prepared a juicy Lasater Grasslands Beef burger served with shaved prosciutto, wood oven roasted onions, aged provolone, tomatoes and portabella aioli on a housemade sourdough roll. To make our mouth-watering burger, Tony seasoned the Lasater beef with volcanic sea salt & fresh cracked pepper. He let it rest at room temperature before grilling. NOTE: Bringing beef to room temperature before heating is a technique employed by all savvy cooks, and is especially important when preparing lean 100% pasture raised beef.  If you stick a cold dense piece of meat in a hot pan or oven, you risk drying out the exterior of the meat before you've given the inside a chance to cook through. Adding a delicate, smoky flavor to our meal were the thick-sliced onions, slow roasted in the imported wood oven that has been a mainstay at The Med since its opening. The portabella aioli and shaved prosciutto de Parma gave the burger a tangy, rich finish. You may order either a garden salad or house fries to accompany any sandwich at the Med. We asked for both! As always, the restaurant atmosphere was fun, and the Honig Sauvignon Blanc made our mid-day birthday party just a bit raucous!
In addition to our savory dishes, we enjoyed amazing baked goods prepared in-house. Anyone who has been to The Med knows about their crusty-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside, can't-quit-eating-them, artisan breads and delectable pastries. We voraciously devoured both bread and dessert yesterday. Executive pastry chef John Parkinson, leads a team that puts out so many tasty treats, it was difficult to choose one. We ultimately decided on the Chocolate Almond Tower which featured Ice Cream Alchemy's lusciously rich caramel ice cream.  Lucky for us, anyone can purchase fresh baked breads and desserts from the Med directly. Just be sure to call ahead for large orders.
Chocolate Almond Tower
Fresh Baked Bread
Spend an evening at The Chef's Table and enjoy local, organic & seasonal fare. Be sure to ask for Lasater Grasslands Beef
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